The Institute collaborates with various institutions and companies, either through jointly-developed research projects, or through specific agreements channelled through one of its Chairs.

The Chairs are a programme for company sponsorship for the undertaking of activities within the different areas worked on at the iUIBS. This type of University-Company relationship contributes enormously to the transfer of R+D+i to the business network.

Unitwin Chair – UNESCO (IPSILOS)

The UNESCO UNITWIN and Chairs Programme was set in motion in 1992. This programme brings together over 850 institutions in 117 countries, encouraging cooperation and interuniversity links on a worldwide scale in order to reinforce institutional capacities by means of the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. The programme supports the implementation of the UNESCO Chairs and of UNITWIN networks in the principal questions linked to the UNESCO's sphere of competence, that is, education, natural and social sciences, culture and communication.


Medical Technologies Chair

The ULPGC Medical Technologies Chair is an instrument of the university for knowledge and cooperation with companies in innovation and technological development in Healthcare.

Cátedra de Tecnologías Médicas

International Chair in Advanced Studies in Hydration (CIEAH)

This came into being in 2016 and was developed on the basis of the legacy of the recently dissolved European Hydration Institute. The CIEAH arose under the aegis of the University Institute of Biomedical and Healthcare Research (iUIBS), of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and its purpose is to develop and promote research projects concerning human hydration and health lifestyles. This chair has the support and management of the Canarian Science and Technology Park Foundation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Cátedra Internacional de Estudios Avanzados en Hidratación