Preclinical Pharmacology - Drug Discovery -

Farmacología Preclínica - Drug Discovery -

BIOPharma – IUIBS Lab. In 2009, we started at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) a Drug Discovery Project whose goal is to use Phenotypic-based Drug Discovery (PDD) in combination with Target-based Drug Discovery (TDD) strategies. These Drug Discovery strategies apply Standard Work Procedures (SOP) on cell-based assays directed at the discovery of pharmacologically active small-molecules and, ultimately, predicting their efficacy, toxicity and mechanism of action. Since 2016, BIOPharma Lab is located at IUIBS where it has built common research services where internal (ULPGC) and external (R&D companies, institutes/centers) researchers can collaborate to find solutions in Research Projects within the areas of Drug Discovery and Endocrine Disruptors. Technically, BIOPharma Lab uses high-medium throughput equipment that allows the efficient and dynamic analysis of phenotypes and genotypes on in vitro and ex vivo animal and human models. Animal Facilities at IUIBS, and other collaborative centers, are frequently used to explore the efficacy and toxicity in vivo. We have created a solid experienced group of multidisciplinary scientists with expertise in Preclinical Pharmacology and Chemistry, to develop collaborative research programs on Medicinal Chemistry and Preclinical Pharmacology in the Canary Islands to find therapeutic solutions to human diseases with a particular focus on endocrine, immune, inflammatory, and cancer. Our group is composed by a multidisciplinary team of senior researchers, PostDoct researchers, PhD students, PTA, and, highly motivated undergraduates are also welcome.